Benefit of Joining CCC coaching in greater Noida

CCC computer course is a special course that is designed to provide a basic level IT literacy program to an ordinary man. This course helps people learn basic things about computers, which prevent illiteracy. After completing this course, any common man easily handles a basic computer and can run it without problems. This course teaches how to use the Internet, how to send emails, how to make a business letter and access the small database. This course definitely helps housewives; business communities to keep their small accounts updated with any computer and can enjoy the facilities of information technology. To complete this course one can join CCC coaching in greater Noida.

CCC Coaching

CCC coaching in greater Noida –Eligibility:

Any candidate can appear in this exam through three different modes of eligibility criteria that are the just contradiction.

We are going to discuss these three modes:

• Candidates sponsored by government-based schools or schools that have an exclusive NIELIT ID number to take the CCC exam. For this, you need any educational degree.

• A direct applicant is the other mode of application that undergoes an accredited course that is not sponsored by schools or schools registered by the government. For this there is no such educational qualification.

• The third mode of this exam is the candidates sponsored by the institutes approved by NIELIT who are allowed to continue the course. For this course you do not need any particular qualification either.

Course duration:

In this course, you must reach 25 hours of theoretical session, 5 hours of the tutoring session and the last and most important 50 hours of the practical session.  So total 80 Hrs one has to attend. And the whole course is based on some topics such as:

• Introduction to PC

• MS Word, MS Excel, MS power point

• Communication and internet.

• www and web browser

• Social networks

• Communication and collaboration.

CCC Coaching